2009 Miss Chatham Sweetcorn Pageant Queen

Natalie Schroll (seated) was crowned as the 2009 Miss Chatham Sweetcorn Pageant Queen during the festival in July.  Behind her are second runner-up Alexa Frank, 2008 Queen Lauren Ladd and first runner-up Katlyn Krones.

Congrats to the beautiful young women. 

-Lizzie, Chatham Mama

Source:  http://www.southcountypublications.com/ChathamClarion/ChathamClarion.html


Sweetcorn & Cow Chips

IMG_3097-3We experienced our very first Sweet Corn Festival this weekend.  And boy was it fun!

I really didn’t know what to expect.  Living in a much smaller  town for the past 10 years, I guess I just figured it would be a bunch of people in a field, eating some buttered corn, and having a beer or two while someone played a little banjo on stage.  Nope!  This was an actual festival with lots of food, a  stage with AWESOME music and a kids area with inflatable slides and small carnival games for the kids.  We ended up staying for over 3 hours!  I didn’t even realize we had been there that long.  The weather was cool and the music was  good!  We even stood in a huge line for a funnel cake that was well worth it!    We did miss the cow chip throwing contest that was once featured on Conan O’Brien. I was a little bummed about that.  Don’t think I would have participated, but it would have been fun to watch.  LOL!

We’ll be attending again next year for sure!!  But, next time we’ll take the kids during the day and get a sitter  for the night so mom and dad can have a little fun!

– Kasey, Chatham Mama

Sweet Corn Festival THIS Weekend!

cornBeing new to Chatham, this is my 1st year to attend the Chatham Jaycees Sweet Corn Festival this weekend.  I am so excited to take my family and enjoy some sweet corn drenched in butter and to just enjoy the atmosphere.  But, I need your help.  Since I’ve never been before…I’d like you to share your advice and tips on the event.  Tell me what you like and what I need to check out.  For all I know…there’s just a huge tent in a field of corn where you grab an ear and sit down with your neighbor for some gossip on your other neighbor.

I’ll be there on Saturday with my family and will be passing out Chathamchat.com fliers.  Make sure to introduce yourself and grab a flyer to share with a friend – I’d love to meet you!

Share your thoughts on this event with me in the comment section below!

– Kasey, Chatham Mama